My Passion for Teaching

I have a deep passion for teaching. It gives my life meaning, and the interactions with children enrich my world with vibrance and optimism. Witnessing the incredible potential that passes through my hands each year warms my heart. Moreover, the act of educating keeps me on a perpetual journey of personal growth and learning.

My Teaching Journey

My teaching journey began at Media Works in Cape Town, where I worked as an ABET (AET) facilitator. There, I had the privilege of assisting a diverse range of workers in improving their English literacy and proficiency. My students came from various industries, including hotels, wholesalers, a timber factory, and a cement manufacturer.

I value the experience because it opened my eyes to the widespread issue of illiteracy in our country. Following that, I embarked on a journey into online English teaching, where I had the pleasure of tutoring students from around the world. This global perspective emphasized the transformative power of education and deepened my passion for the field.

As a qualified teacher, in 2019, I taught Business Studies, EMS, English FAL, and Creative Arts at Kwakwatsi Secondary School in the Free State. In 2020, I moved to the North West, and now, I am continuing my teaching journey in KZN.

The Purpose of This Website

As I continue to teach Business Studies (and EMS), my wish is to empower my learners to see these concepts in the world around them. I want them to recognize how these principles are applied on a day-to-day basis and to arouse a genuine enthusiasm for the subject.

My current mission is to bring Business Studies to life by bridging the gap between theory and reality. I aim to accomplish this by engaging with real businesses and illustrating curriculum content through tangible real-world examples.

Our subject has the potential to ignite curiosity and deepen understanding of the business world among young minds. My role as an educator is to unearth that curiosity and knowledge.

This website has been created with the intent of offering a wealth of information and resources to excel in Business Studies. It is designed to support your journey and fuel your passion for this exciting field.

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