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In this category, you will find definitions and explanations of basic business concepts. You need to have a good understanding of these concepts, as they are used frequently in Business Studies.

This content is in line with the Business Studies, FET Phase Curriculum; CAPS Documents of the South African Department of Basic Education.

If you are in Grade 12, by the time you write your NCS exam, such terms should come naturally to you. You should be able to incorporate them into your answers and essays with ease.

The explanations in this category will also help anyone else who wants to understand business and its language better. These ideas come up frequently in business conversations.

Describe the Differences Between CSR and CSI

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a once-off project. Instead, it is an ethical approach that guides all the company’s decisions. It is a long-term commitment by the business, to manage its processes in a… Continue Reading →

6 Examples of Stakeholders and Their Importance in Business

In the previous post, “What is a Stakeholder?” we defined the term ‘Stakeholder’ and differentiated it from ‘Shareholder’. Now, we are going to look at 6 common examples of stakeholders that are found in business. We will look at 3… Continue Reading →

What is a Stakeholder in Business?

Definition of Stakeholder What is a stakeholder? In business, a stakeholder is any individual, group or organisation that is influenced by (or influences) an organisation’s actions. They have an interest in the organisation and its performance. They can be within… Continue Reading →

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