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6 Tips on How to Correctly Fill NSC Final Exam Answer Books

Preparing for your Grade 12 NSC final exams? The way you fill your exam answer book can make a difference. In this post, along with the attached video, I will provide you with 6 essential points to guide you in… Continue Reading →

What Is Business Studies?

The Essence of Business Studies What is business studies? It is a subject that provides you with the basic knowledge and skills required to function in the business world. It teaches you how things get done and by whom, the right… Continue Reading →

What Are The 8 Business Functions?

Business functions are the main activities that businesses need to perform in order to operate successfully. In a large company, each function may have its own department (such as the HR, Finance, or Marketing departments), but in a small business,… Continue Reading →

Investing in Shares: The Advantages and Risks

What Is a Share? A share is the smallest unit that a company can be divided into. When a business wants to raise capital to expand, it offers a portion of its ownership, in the form of shares, to investors…. Continue Reading →

9 Factors to Consider When Making Investment Decisions

Investing is the act of assigning resources, usually money, into assets with the hope of earning profits. Types of investments range from savings accounts and fixed-term deposits to property and shares on the stock market. People choose investments according to… Continue Reading →

Functions of the JSE (Johannesburg Stock / Securities Exchange)

What is the JSE? The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), or Johannesburg Securities Exchange, is Africa’s largest stock exchange. With more than R23.49billion in shares traded daily, it currently ranks 19th in the world. What is a Stock Exchange / Stock… Continue Reading →

How to Deal with Diversity Issues in the Workplace

What is Inclusivity? Inclusivity is the act of not excluding any member of society because of differences such as social background, gender and disability. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly in the workplace, and no one should be… Continue Reading →

What Are the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace?

Companies are increasingly being encouraged to promote diversity in the workplace, but what is it exactly? What is Diversity in the Workplace? In business, diversity means hiring a wide range of people from different backgrounds and making sure that they… Continue Reading →

How to Promote Social and Cultural Rights in the Workplace

Social and Cultural Rights belong to a category known as second-generation or socio-economic rights, which are related to the social and economic well-being of individuals. We discussed these rights and listed examples from each, in the previous article, Examples of… Continue Reading →

Examples of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in South Africa

Three Generations of Human Rights Explained Click here for a definition of Human Rights, as well as a list of South African human rights and their implication in the workplace. First Generation – Civil and Political Rights There are three… Continue Reading →

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