Preparing for your Grade 12 NSC final exams? The way you fill your exam answer book can make a difference.

In this post, along with the attached video, I will provide you with 6 essential points to guide you in laying out your answers correctly. The instructions highlighted below, as of November 2023, are also printed in your answer books just behind the cover page.

I have not discussed the process of filling out the cover page here, as it is typically well emphasized during your exam preparations. However, these additional points can be overlooked, yet remain important.

  1. Write the question header at the centre of the page.
  2. Start every question on a new page.
  3. Rule off after each question or section.
  4. Keep your writing within the borders and avoid writing in the margins.
  5. Draw a neat line over any rough work that must not be marked.
  6. Do not tear any pages out. Their sequential numbering makes it evident if any are missing.

Making it to the final exams shows how far you’ve come in your high school journey. Now’s the time to seal the deal and close the chapter on a high note.

I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming exams and the career ahead. Remember to keep the discipline, work ethic and attention to detail.

– Miss Tshabalala

NSC Final Exams, 2023 - How to correctly fill the exam answer book - start new question on new page

Start every question on a new page.


NSC Final Exams, 2023 - How to correctly fill the exam answer books - do not write in the margins

Do not write in the margins.