Are you wondering how to pass business studies? Are you struggling to enjoy and succeed at the subject? Understanding the core challenges and their solutions is crucial.

Please note that, while the following recommendations are based on the South African CAPS curriculum, 2012, for Business Studies, the challenges identified, and their respective solutions have universal relevance and can be applied across different curricula and subjects.

Develop a Genuine Interest in The Subject

The problem: You were never interested in the subject, maybe because you thought it would be easy or you had limited choices at school.

The solution: You can turn this around by identifying topics that you can relate to. For example, Team Performance and Conflict Management covers issues that I see in my daily work-life, so I connect strongly with it.

Which topic do you resonate the most with? Start with that one, and once you’re comfortable with it, consider another one that interests you. As you do so, your perspective will change, improving your confidence and driving you towards success.

Find a Strategy for Approaching the Notes

The problem: Business studies is a note-heavy subject, which can be overwhelming.

The solution: Begin your exam preparations early. Understand how your syllabus is divided into main and sub-topics, and how these appear in exam papers. For example, what to expect in Papers 1 and 2 respectively.

Then, work on mastering one main topic in each paper. For example, in Paper 1, you have a choice between Business Environments and Business Operations. To begin with, just work on mastering one of the two, in this way, you will be covered for a decent amount of the paper.

For Grade 12 learners who just want to be safe, focus on “Business Operations” for Paper 1 and “Business Roles” for Paper 2. They both offer a lighter information load than their counterparts. Also, this ensures that you are covered when answering Questions 3, 6 and half of Question 4 in both papers. When you are confident enough, you can then start exploring the other topics.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that you pass business studies.

Female South African teacher with braided hair presents a slide for business studies with main topics for Grade 10 to 12 exams. 'Paper 1' lists 'Business Environments' and 'Business Operations'; 'Paper 2' includes 'Business Ventures' and 'Business Roles'. For exam and study tips on how to pass business studies. CAPS curriculum, NSC exams.

Learn With Understanding, Not Mere Memorisation

The problem: You might be cramming for tests without truly understanding the content.

The solution: Approach business studies in small, digestible parts. Always strive to understand and apply what you learn. At every step of the way, make sure you understand the concepts that you are learning, and ask yourself, “How do they apply in reality, especially my reality?” When you can attach the content to real things around you, it will be much easier to remember.

You should also engage your teacher and classmates in conversations and debates, this will enable you to establish your own opinions on the various concepts.

Ask Questions if You Do Not Understand

The problem: You might be hesitant to ask questions in class due to fear of judgement.

The solution: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Teachers appreciate inquisitive students, and clarifying doubts is a crucial part of learning.

I urge you to make use of your teachers and ask them questions. It is our job to clarify concepts for you. If you fear judgement from your classmates, ask your teacher privately. Alternatively, find a friend to discuss with, they might even offer simpler ways of explaining things. Remember, everyone starts from a point of not knowing, so there’s no shame in asking questions.

Closing Thoughts

By addressing these challenges, you’ll not only pass business studies but also gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Do you have other challenges in business studies? Connect with me on social media to share your opinions and experiences.

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