Here is the summary of the Business Studies Grade 10 Annual Teaching Plan, from the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS). You will know which topics to teach, or learn, and when. That’s the great thing about the Business Studies CAPS, it is a very concise document that provides you with all the vital information you need.

It gives you a description of what learners are expected to study each term. As a part of that, the year plan below, gives an outline of topics to cover per week. It gives you an understanding of the pace that you need to keep.

You will also see that CAPS aligned Business Studies textbooks are designed to go along with this year plan. If you want a more detailed description of each term’s content, you will find it in the policy document.

Copy of Grade 10 Annual Teaching Plan

To download this teaching plan, simply right-click and save the image.

Business Studies, Grade 10 Annual (Year) Teaching Plan

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FET Phase Business Studies is designed help South African learners truly understand Business Studies and pass the subject with ease. At the moment, the content is focused on preparing matric learners for their, final, NSC examinations.

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