Still confused about the difference between CSI (Corporate Social Investment) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? Look at these real-world examples of  CSI and CSR, from Google and GrandWest; a South African casino and entertainment resort. See if you can identify the differences on your own.

The examples will also help you when answering essay questions, as examples add depth to your argument.

Examples of csi and csr. Google supplier code of conduct.

Google LLC

Our first examples of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment are from a company that is familiar to many.

Google LLC is a multinational technology company best known for its search engine, which is now the most widely used in the world. Recent (April 2020) statistics show that it makes up 87.35% of the global search engine market share. The company also offers other digital products like Gmail, YouTube, cloud storage, as well as hardware and software.

Example of CSR: Google Supplier Code of Conduct

Google believes that everyone who works in their supply chain should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. To achieve this, the tech giant has set up policies and processes to protect its employees, and those of their suppliers.

Google’s Supplier Code of Conduct is the foundation of this. It covers the areas of labour and human rights, health and safety, environmental, ethics and compliance, and management system.

All the company’s suppliers, and their suppliers, are expected to comply to these requirements. By the end of 2018, 92% of their hardware suppliers and 94% of their targeted extended workforce suppliers had signed the code of conduct.

In terms of labour, Google’s suppliers should ensure that employment is freely chosen, and that workers do not pay any recruitment fees. Child labour is prohibited, as well as sexual harassment, verbal abuse and discrimination. Google encourages freedom of association and collective bargaining rights throughout its supply chain.

Where working hours are concerned, they should not be more than 60 hours per week, except in emergency or unusual circumstances. This includes overtime. If local law requires fewer hours, suppliers are expected to abide by them. On top of that, employees should be allowed at least one day off per week.

Examples of corporate social investment, Google for Non-Profits

Example of CSI: Google For Nonprofits

As a way of assisting non-profit organizations around the world, Google offers a program called Google For Nonprofits. It provides Google’s basic G-Suite for free, which comes with standard Google apps like Gmail, Docs and Calendar. Qualifying organizations also get unlimited email accounts with their unique domain names and 30 gigs of cloud storage space on Drive.

As part of the package, NPOs receive Google Ad Grants, which gives them $10 000 each month to advertise on Google search results. It’s is a great opportunity to draw public attention, advertise events and fundraisers, and attract sponsors. According to The Digital Nonprofit, this can result in around 5 000 website visitors a month.

These Google For Nonprofits services give organizations access to digital products which they may not be able to afford. They also increase their chances of getting more funds for their initiatives.

Examples of csi and csr. Grandwest Worm Farm in Goodwod, Cape Town.

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World

Situated in Goodwood, just outside Cape Town, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World is a member of the Sun International Group. It offers a world-class casino, hotels, fine dining restaurants and an array of entertainment facilities that attract visitors from South Africa and beyond.

Example of CSR: GrandWest Worm Farm

What happens to food waste from 2 hotels and 32 eateries at one of the largest entertainment complexes in South Africa? It goes to their worm farm.

Instead of sending kitchen waste to landfills, where it can take over 30 years to decompose, GrandWest has found a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution. The worm farm turns the waste into organic compost, which feeds their on-site vegetable garden and indigenous nursery.

What started out as a way of cutting down on waste and landscaping costs, has turned into an entire enterprise development programme.

The garden provides organic produce to the on-site restaurants, which is great for business, especially with ingredients that can be hard to source. Consequently, the project has also created jobs and business opportunities for the local community.

Examples of corporate social investment, GradWest Schools renovation programme, South Africa

Example of CSI: GrandWest Schools Renovation Programme

Headed by the GrandWest, the Schools Renovation Programme in the Western Cape, is a part of Sun International’s country-wide CSI programme. It aims to upgrade hospitality classrooms in disadvantaged communities, with the hope to better prepare learners to pursue hospitality studies after high school. As a result, it helps the Department of Basic Education ensure more successful consumer studies education.

Classrooms are furnished with new appliances such as stoves and fridges. Where needed, they are also supplied with running water. One such fortunate school is Garlandale High School in Athlone. GrandWest assisted with upgrading its new consumer studies classroom.

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